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Our providers, Dr. Jones, Dr. Phillips & Ace with the same mindset that Dr, Ignacio implemented in his practice:

Take excellent care of our patients, Assess & manage their pain & Work to find a way to a functional, meaningful life. Using a balance of physical medicine & rehabilitation procedures, treatments, exercises and modalities, we can help you to manage your pain and injury.



Dr. Darlene Jones, DO - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Vaul Phillips, MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Ace Garcia, PT - Physical Therapist

We'll help heal your body.


New Physicians carrying on the care plans Dr. Ignacio established

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At National Medical Rehabilitation, our staff is on hand to guide you through the process of rehabilitating your injury.  We believe that during rehabilitation, your education and working hand-in-hand with our medical team gives you maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after our time together ends.

We accept most insurance plans, including auto injuries, legal cases and workers compensation claims.  Call us today to learn more