Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we are providing an online portal for our patients to meet and speak with your physician. This can be done from the safety of your own home with minimal requirements. 

The portal is safe, secure and HIPAA approved to protect your patient confidentiality. 

To connect to the Doctor, you will need an internet connection, a web browser, a camera-enabled device (such as a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer) & an audio microphone (usually built-in with the camera).

You should test your device prior to the visit. Test your internet connection & ability to log into our web portal, click here:
You must "allow" or "grant permission" to access your camera and your microphone. This is how Dr. Phillips will be able to see you and speak with you. We suggest that you login from a private area so as to maintain your patient confidentiality.  Our portal is confidential, HIPAA approved and secure. 

If you have questions or difficulty logging in, please call us at (301) 248-8900 for assistance.

(301) 248-8900

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